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My version of the pandemic started the night we heard that SXSW was cancelled.  I was in the middle of two week load-in for a show that would ultimately run for 2 performances out of a 2 week run.  The theater and events industry was an almost immediate casualty of the lockdowns, and to this day still hasn’t recovered fully.  

Years ago, I’d gotten a camera as a present because I wanted to learn photography.  I never quite took the time to figure out how f-stop, ISO, and shutter-speed worked though, so it sat in its case.  After SXSW cancelled, and everything stopped, the ghost town of 6th Street seemed like the perfect encapsulation of what was to come for my industry.  So on what would have been the big Friday night of SXSW, I took my iPhone 11 Pro (fancy!) and took shots of the empty, boarded up entertainment district.  Later that weekend, I went back with my Nikon 3200, and a basic understanding of how to use it, and took more shots.

Over the past year, I’ve had three photography projects that revolved around the pandemic.  The first was a year-long documentation of the changing 6th street, and all the art and desolation that came with it.  Soon after, I visited the UT campus on what would have been the first day back from Spring Break.  Students never returned that year.  Finally, I attempted to document all the iconic Austin locations and businesses that closed during the pandemic, in a project I call Closed Austin.  

Click below or use the site menu to navigate these galleries.  If there are particular images that strike you, my favorites of the work are available in the Shop .  If there’s a shot you really like that I didn’t include, please contact me and we can get it printed for you.